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Jess is a freelance photographer and writer for japan-guide.com. She grew up near Austin, Texas, and came to Japan to live in 2008, where she fell in love with  ...

Kyoto Travel: Kurama


Kurama · Book your trip · Japan Travel News · Book your trip · ExploreKyoto · Japan Travel News · Japan Guide Forum: Kyoto: Questions · Survey: Would you be ...

Driving a Car in Japan


29 Mar 2020 ... Also see our guide on renting a car in Japan. Roads and rules. Cars drive on the left side of the road and have the driver's seat and steering ...

Osaka Accent? - japan-guide.com forum


17 Dec 2007 ... Is it like the Texas accent in America? Please tell me what it sounds like or send me a link to a place where I can hear the accent. Thank you!

Cat Cafes (Neko Cafes) in Japan - japan-guide.com


25 Oct 2020 ... Cat cafes (猫カフェ, Neko Cafe) are a type of coffee shop where patrons can play with cats that roam freely around the establishment. Cat cafes ...

Postal Information for Japan


9 Aug 2020 ... Post offices provide a range of postal services including the shipping of post cards, letters, parcels and registered mail as well as savings and ...

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general profile. nickname. kywolff. residing. Texas, United States. member since. 27 April 2015. japan travel profile. how often. never. Book your trip.

For Japanese White Day - japan-guide.com forum


28 Jan 2014 ... Where can a fellow from Texas buy cookies in Japan and have them sent to his lady in Kyoto? Your help would be most welcome. Thank you.

Far Flung Japan - Yonaguni Island


24 Jun 2018 ... There are several of these "Texas gates" on the island that prevent the animals from leaving the area. Texas Gate up close. You will have to get ...

Best way to get cheap airfare to Japan? - japan-guide.com forum


1 Apr 2012 ... Currently the cheapest options I can find are going straight through the United website, but I was wondering if some sort of travel service might be ...

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